I was encouraged to join a group on Facebook, the Burlesque Big Sister/ Brother project, where I could give something back to the community that I have been a part of for a good number of years now. This year I offered a photo shoot per month, winners are selected and I contact them for a date to shoot.

This months winner is Red Sarah! So I packed up my gear and headed to The Fire School!

As usual I arrived early and found Sarah setting up the lights. We had a quick chat about the shots we wanted to get and then I set up my lights. I had with me my new RotoLite Neo 2, an L.E.D unit that can throw out a ton of soft light, run on batteries if needed and can also adjust the temperature of the light if you are wanting to colour balance a shot.

I also had my smaller L.E.D light bank with me that had a slight aqua light tint to it which in some shots provided an ethereal look to the image.

I wanted to shoot through the fire to capture some portrait shots of Sarah in the fantastic hand made scale mail armour. If you look closer your can see not only the lights but also the fire reflecting in her eyes.

This is the best portrait shot of Sarah on the day, I like the twin catch lights of fire in her eyes!

I enjoyed working with Sarah and hope to do this again if it snows!

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