Water and cameras do not mix!

Had a go a water splashes again. I tried it it when I first got my bridge camera coming up for nearly 2 years ago now.At the time I had the flash on the front of the camera going off so I had harsh shadows everywhere but the water was captured mid splash so the exercise worked. This time I thought I would do better. I have better camera skills and better Lightroom editing skills to put to the test.

I set up two pieces of white card one standing and the other lying down, then placed a clear glass filled with water just in front of the standing card. This was a mistake which I will explain later.

The battery in my remote flash unit failed me so yet again I had to use the flash on the front of the camera, otherwise I would have had the flash pointing downwards from above the water to try to minimize any shadows. I hooked up my remote shutter release cable and grabbed a handful of coins.

I dropped  coins one at a time into the glass and tried to time the shutter to capture the splash. Some missed entirely, all I shot then was the water in a slightly rippled state.

I stopped at 20 shots, I had run out of coins and the two pound coin had decimated the water supply in the glass. Time to clean up.

In Lightroom I choose eight shots out of the twenty. I cleaned up some of the highlights that the flash has created which threw off the overall shot, also the water had splashed on the stand up card so you can see the water running down in a few of them. I added some contrast, a touch of vignette and a blue filter effect left over from a Lego Star Wars shoot some months back.

After some sharpening was added I had an idea! The water was slopping about but for no reason. If left it would look like I had dropped something into the water. So I highlighted shots 1,3,5 and 7 and tilted them to the right and shots 2,4,6,8 were tilted to the left.

Click here to take a look.

I like this set of shots, pity about the splash back on the standup board. Next time I will put the glass further forward.