Fluid or Popeye?

I agree, not the the best of blog titles but I feel this best explains the content of this post so get reading...While photographing some lovely ladies at Madam Jo Jo's at the end of November 2012 a  thought crossed my mind as my lens was tracking a par of wiggling hips.

Do I look like Popeye holding this camera?

You know Popeye, the sailor with massive forearms who can only perform extreme violence after consuming a large amount of  spinach, this was either taken orally or with the aid of his sailors pipe.

As I was neither wearing a sailor suit or ingesting some tinned vegetable products this fleeting image of Popeye never the less punched its way through my brain.

It was because I was squinting. I use the view finder instead of live view as it focuses faster. This was needed as those wiggling hips had started to spin round. (How do you spin round in high heels?) I also noticed I was moving the lens around in a stilted, jerking fashion (stop it!). So I opened my other eye.

I don't know if anyone else does this but this made things easier for me. With my left eye I could see everything, my right eye was showing me the smaller version my left eye was seeing but superimposed on top. This allowed me a greater view of the stage so I could anticipate where the performer would be going sooner so the stilted movement of the lens slowed down to be more fluid. I employed that method for the rest of the evening as my left eye was tired.

Anyone else do this? Do your eyes still work? Do you like spinach?