Going back to roots...

OK so now I am officially a shutter bug... I looked around my room this evening and can see  the following:

  • Batteries for my Canon 550d on charge, one cooking and three waiting.
  • Rechargeable batteries slowly cooking from a wall socket.
  • My old Casio Exilim EX-Z850 in its docking bay slowly cooking.

I thought (as the lights dimmed due to excessive electricity drainage) that I would go back to my old point and shoot to see what could be achieved with it now I have a bit more experience taking photos.

It occurred to me this afternoon that there are many things I could have taken a shot of but didn't have my Canon with me. My previous Panasonic Lumix FZ45 would be a bit to bulky to carry around but the Exilim is small, light and quick to use.

So I will give it a 'shot'... heh