Photo of the day


This is my first photo of the day. It is of a silver light switch with an added grunge texture over the top. I don't know if I will continue the 'cigarette card' presentation but it might catch on...

I must remember to set my Casio Exilim to shoot in TIF, it cannot do RAW so I have ended up Jpeging a Jpeg. Click on the photo to go to Flickr to see the higher and slightly less Jpegy shot.

Even after my first 'Photo of the day' I am now thinking about other photo projects.

365 Photos - where I take a shot every day for a year.. every single day...

Lens in the Face - Where I shove my Lens in someones face and take a picture, weather they want to have their photo taken or not... could get a bit punchy with that one.

26 Day Alphabet - Take a shot a day, start with something beginning with A, then B then oh you get the picture..

Photo Challenge! - employ the use of a word randomiser on the internet and try to take a shot of what ever it gives me.