Photo of the day number 6

'I am not a number I am a free photograph' or something along those lines. In a welsh village.. in the 60's.Ok I seem to be getting my wish. I asked for it to snow, it has now got very cold and frosty.

This 'carry a small camera around with you at all times' seems to be paying off. I left for work and came across this gem of a shot. The sun was rising as it usual does of a morning and provided me with a nice golden...

Ok I will stop there, it was edited in Lightroom again. I didnt have time to fiddle around with the settings on the back of the camera to get a more natural 'in camera' effect so I tweaked a little to get the shot as I saw it in the morning.

so... nice golden light spilling through the tree in the foreground and long deep shadows.

Being a mentalist of no small sanity, this has given me the idea to go to the local park on Saturday and wait for sun up to try to get a good 'long shadow' type shot again but this time with my Canon and the wide angle (kit lens!).