Christmas Sweets anybody?

ITS CHRISTMAAAAAASS! I head someone from Wolverhampton shouting on the radio this morning. I think he was trying to tell me something... Seriously dude take a lozenge...

Yup its that time of year again to get festive by drinking heavily and eating poultry. I decided late in the day to try and take a festive picture.

The lights in the background are my mass of garden lights which I noticed today are only effective if they are pointing at you, if they bend a bit then they are not at the brightest.

The shot came out alright though, nice and sharp (used my tripod this time) and looked very Christmasy when I added a white vignette to it

However I thought it was lacking something..

You may have noticed that I have been playing around with saturation a lot. I do like to mute the colours a bit. I played around with the settings and came up with this second shot.

A little less Christmasy yes, but I like the lack of colour on this one, makes me think about darker things... hmm dark chocolate...

I took shot of some festive spuds too, check out the set here.

Still, I have some wine now and the man from Wolverhampton is back on the telly shouting again.

Merry Christmas everyone...