Lessons to be learned...

Last night while at Madam Jo Jo's again, I was sitting waiting for the performance to start I decided to make a few notes during and after the show on my smart phone, noting down any thoughts and ideas.Lesson one.

Last time I was there I was joined by two other photographers. It was good to trade ideas and chat before the performances. This time I was on my own. Well, I was on my own the first time but then I had the company of three bottles of becks which were very accommodating.

I arrived for the doors to open at 6.30, met my contact (Hi Tempest!), sat down, checked my gear and waited for the show to begin. The night was a  tribute to girl power so the music was predominately Spice girls and Madonna songs.

And the someone sat right in front of me... So the first lesson was location, location, location... it means a lot. I should have looked around and chosen a more suitable place. The photos came out alright but I think I needed to be a little more head on to the stage.

Lesson two.

The second lesson was to watch my weight, well not mine, but the cameras. My camera is bloody heavy with the extra battery pack added on. Two hours of hefting the camera around really hurt the wrist after a while. I could drop to a single battery but that may mean swapping batteries around and the grip really helps in taking portrait shots.

So the lesson here is: I either need to learn to put the camera down between performances or I need to look into a device that will let me swivel from landscape to portrait mode quickly but also has stabilization and it portable.

Lesson three.

Don't start chewing gum at the start of a performance unless you have something to get rid of it into.

The lesson here is: bring tissues or don't chew gum..

Lesson four.

Do I really need to lug my massive travel backpack around with me? Probably not. Now the bag is heavy but is balanced just right and can carry all my kit except my tripod. Maybe if I decide to get the Sigma 18-250 lens then I could decamp to my Slingshot bag as a rough and ready solution. I would have enough space for the camera and two lenses I think.

The lesson here is: learn to pack lightly.

Lesson five.

Stop squinting!! I had a massive headache the next morning. Do I squint to hard when I look through my eyepiece? Was it the two bottles of beer I had afterwards? Might need to get my eyes checked..

The lesson here is: Stop squinting, remember what you said about opening both eyes to see the full picture!