Lightroom Plugins - Snapshotter

Evening.A while back I posted an entry about my workflow in Lightroom. I have since updated this workflow with a simple but time saving plugin. It's called Snapshotter from the Photographer' Toolbox. I will quote from their site:

The Snapshotter plugin creates snapshots of the current develop settings for all selected photos in a single step.  Snapshots capture a permanent record of an image's current develop settings and can be accessed from the Snapshots panel on the left hand side of the Develop module.

Up until recently I never used this function, out of site out of mind. I normally use virtual copies of photos and work on those. However if I change a shot and don't take a snapshot and something happens then I may never get the shot back that I was happy with. Lightroom has no function to lock images yet.

So I downloaded the plugin as a trial version and tested it. The trial version allows you to snapshot up to ten images at once. After the first test I was happy, it does exactly what it says on the pixel based screen text. So I bought it immediately! Once fully installed, I highlighted every photo I had from the top level folder and added a snapshot based on the photo as it stood at that time.

I would insert this process after step 4 in my workflow, just before I edit the successful photos I would use Snapshotter to create snapshot of the original image. I would name this snapshot something like 'Original' or 'OOC' short for Out Of Camera.

I know I can just right click the image [Develop Settings/Reset] and reset everything but it is quicker (think workflow), if I just have to click on the  first embedded snapshot. Now I just have to work out a process to remind myself to remember to take a snapshot in the first place.

When I get around to it, I will revise my workflow tutorial. There are still somethings I need to put in there for my own sake, let alone putting it up on the blog!