Photo of the Day - 11

The photo of the day is one I took yesterday.. It is of my Jessops brand flash unit. I was bouncing the light off my kitchen ceiling to see the effect on lighting a subject on a kitchen counter.

It is quite a powerful flash so I had to use the built in diffuser other wise the shot would come out pure white.

Jessops was a British photographic retailer. Frank Jessop opened "Jessop of Leicester" in 1935, as a specialist photographic retailer. It went into administration on January 9th 2013, resulting in the closure of all stores on 11 January 2013. Prior to its collapse it had 192 shops across the country.

So lets hope my flash unit lasts for some time. It tends to eat batteries! It is sitting on my light stand from Amazon and is controlled off camera by an IR remote switch. Which I found out yesterday, does not have a wake up function so after a while the flash unit goes to sleep..