You forgot to mention..

Since getting my Canon 550D last year I have wanted it to snow. In the last couple of days it has finally come down and I can now try my hand at snow photography. I traveled back up to Wimbledon Common, having been there in the summer I know the area and wanted to see how it looked during the winter.It looked freezing.. The nice warm friendly bus dropped me in the snow close to the pond where I stalked a heron a few months back. It now had a coating of ice and no heron. Well the heron could have been under the ice, I didn't check as I didn't want to join it. I might have got stuck under the ice and then get fished out in 50 years time by some guy with an eye patch....

Moving away from the watery death trap I trudged deeper into the common and looked for something interesting to shoot. I found and interesting scene, swung my backpack around and took out my camera.

With in seconds it was covered in snow, I turned to put the camera back in the backpack, the backpack was covered in snow. I turned back, I was covered in snow.

You see, before I had left for the day I had watched a few Youtube video's about taking shots in winter. What they didn't say was that you should not try and take photographs during a full on snow storm... Not the best idea I've had, I thought, standing in the middle of a field slowly turning into a snowman.

I did manage to take a number of shots though, one of a park bench under a tree, a couple of people walking away from me wearing much warmer clothing and a woman with a dog, which I made into two dogs so the first didn't feel lonely.

I trudged back to the bus stop.. just to see the bus drive past, full of warmth. Damn it. Not wanting to subject my Canon to another drenching I took out my Casio and took a few shots around the bus stop too. You can see the shots here.

'We're walking in the air..' sang Aled Jones.

Bollocks, my feet are wet... and this snow man is creeping me out!