Creeping around a Graveyard

Not the best title and I hope you keep reading..After posting on Facebook inquiring about decent locations to shoot in London, it was suggested that I try a place called Barnes Graveyard. It is a disused cemetery in Barnes, south-west London, England. It is located off Rocks Lane on Barnes Common. (thanks Wiki)

After a strange bus ride I was joined by a fellow photographer and headed towards the graveyard. If I hadn't know it was there I would have missed it.  We first had a walk around the area and I made a few mental notes about the shots I wanted to take.

Although the place is abandoned it did look like there was some attempt to clear some of the paths but this was only on the outside of the area. The center of the graveyard has a massive circular memorial with a complete statue in the middle wrapped around a cross. The rest of the graves were very closely packed together and it was difficult not to step on any while picking my way through the overgrowth.

We allotted 2 and a half hours for the shoot so I took my time with the shots and again was harsh with the edits, after a while one gravestone shot looks like another so I had to be very choosey about which shots I saved.

A couple of notable moments from the trip, my fellow photographer dropping his camera which was saved by a mound of moss, no damage done thankfully. The time spent on taking close up shots of a small tuft of moss on the top of a gravestone causing a small 'who can get the sharpest close up shot' competition. Finally I decided to try out my Canon 50mm f1.8 lens with some fantastic quick portrait shots which unfortunately made the subject look like a murderer... which he commented on later by saying 'we were in the best place to bury you'... I think he was joking.

I did also learn that I need to bring some sort of ground sheet for shoots like this. It was muddy in areas so for low shots I was crouching for a few minutes which caused a lot yelling while trying to stand back up. Hopefully this did not scare people walking past the graveyard who may have thought the zombie apocalypse had started early..

Not that most zombies carry cameras, instead of moaning 'brains.. brains!'  I would be moaning 'bokeh.. bokeh!!'

hehe Photography joke... and all that way for the run up to publishing a zombie joke..

You can see the full set here at Barnes Graveyard on Flickr.