Camera check list

OK, I thought I would share with you my routine after I'm done with a shoot.It is usually, open a beer...

This part of my process is done during the time I am importing images to Lightroom. I have set Lightroom to beep when it has completed the first set of imports so I can then switch over the memory cards.

Remove and start to charge batteries for camera and flash.

This is the most important one for me! Never run out of power on a shoot! All chargers plugged up and ready to charge batteries ready for the next shoot.

Lens cleaned and capped.

All lenses, used or not checked and cleaned, caps checked and cleaned. All lenses capped and and toweled down to remove possible build up of grime.

Towel down the camera.

Same with the lenses, I gently towel down the camera to remove the possible build up of grime on the grip and buttons.

Remove lens from body for storage, body cap in place.

I put the body cap in place and the camera is stored separate to the lenses. Even though my camera bag is well padded I don't want the lens causing wear or stress on the lens contacts.

Tripod maintenance

The tripod is checked and all metal parts cleaned, especially if the shoot was outside, feet are cleaned of dirt. Tripod is then folded and stored away.

Clear all memory cards

Once all the images from the shoot have been imported to Lightroom the cards are formatted so no matter what shoot I am on I have a full 1500 image capacity available to me.

Camera bag packed

Once everything has been cleaned and checked all equipment is packed back into the camera bag ready and primed for the next shoot. So if I get asked to shoot something at short notice I know that at least my kit is ready, even if I am not.