Oh God Noooooo!!

Yup it happened. Switched on my computer, the bios scanned the hardware and reported that one of my 2tb drives had failed it S.M.A.R.T checks. What? Was it missing a shirt and tie? I need details!!!It was the alpha dive, one of two 2tb drives I have on my computer. Both carry the same files using SyncToy to mirror the contents every time I have finished a body of work. Beta drive was fine.

I ran a check on the drive and found that it had a bad sector, so I made sure that all my files were matched on the second 2tb drive and did a complete format of Alpha. I then ran a complete check disk and told it to fix anything it found. This took a few hours on a 2tb drive so I was reluctant to do anything on the Beta drive until Alpha was OK.

With Alpha returned to health I then copied all files back from Beta, ran check disk commands on both and made sure all was OK with my Lightroom catalog. Phew!

It was a bit of a shock to see Alpha screw up, both Alpha and Beta were bought at the same time and they are identical Samsung drives, but it can happen at any time. I am now thinking about second tier storage in case this happens again.