Future Projects

Evening, I hope you had a good Easter and you dont feel too sick from eating all that chocolate. April is on us already and I am thinking of setting a few goals to achieve in the coming months.1, I have mentioned I want to revisit the area around the University of East London and shoot a few planes. Let me rephrase that before the metropolitan police force kick my door down and stand on my neck. I will revisit the UEL and take photos of planes taking off.

2, I also want to do a proper portrait photo shoot. Nothing arty, just plan out a few shots I want to achieve then shoot and see how close I get to it. This will also teach me to make the best out of a live shot, not make the best out of the shots I have. Try to get the best I can in camera before tidy up in Lightroom.

3, Get some photo books done. In Lightroom I can sort all my photos by year so I want to do a book of best shots for each year I have been taking photos. Lightroom also has a book feature which can help with the setting up and production of the book so I might give that a go.

4, Get some big ass prints done of my best photos. You know, something to hang on the wall.

5, Get a portfolio going. Nothing massive, portraits, landscapes etc and leave the Flickr location for shots of everything else as a record of my work.

6, Make a bloody decision about which lens I want to get, either the 18-250 for out and about shots or a 50-150 quality lens.. grr...

7, Send my point and click camera up on a small helicopter while taking video. No way am I sending up the Canon!