Sunny does not mean warm.

Made a promise to myself the other month that I would return to the University of East London and take photos of planes taking off and landing at the London City Airport which sits opposite.It was a bright sunny morning as I packed my gear and headed out. Sunny does not mean warm... No matter I thought, transferring at Bank to the Docklands Light Railway, it will be warmer as the sun heads towards noon.

No it didn't. I got off at Cyprus and walked up towards the edge of the embankment. I had not time to get the camera out before a plane took off from the runway just as I arrived. Ah well, plenty more where that came from.

Yeah.. in about another 20 minutes of so. Hmm this would not turn out to be a productive day then. So I busied my self with taking panoramic shots of the UEL buildings and surrounding area. This is one I made earlier..

This was a 10 shot panoramic taken while leaning against the metal barrier you can see in front. This would have had two other shots on the left hand side except I had noticed there were now two of what I think were either police or airport security checking me out. As I had kept both eyes open while taking those shot I decided to leave them out of the Panoramic in case they didn't like their photo taken.

I don't think security services are into cheesy smiles. I went on taking shots of the local area, a few pigeons, a rusty lock and a plume of black smoke which I found out later was coming from a fire outside of Canning Town.

The photographically challenged security cars decided to leave, either because they thought I was no threat to anything other than the pigeons or maybe because a plane would be coming in. One did land soon after so I waited for another taxiing plane to take off.


This seemed like an important plane as the wind sock decided to bow as the plane took off. Maybe it was pressured into doing so.. or the lack of air pressure.. I decided to call it a day at this point there was no pressure for me to stay..