Its bigger on the inside!

Last post I was experimenting with macro, taking close up shots of very small parts of large things. This time I thought I would take a photo of something small.Regular readers, (thanks to both of you.) will know I have been looking for a project. I was watching a video on Digital Rev on how to shoot little OO Gauge figures when indoors with nothing to shoot.

With the macro revers adapter I thought now would be a good idea to try that out. I had a look online but could not find anything suitable. Until I found an OO Gauge police box. Yup, I thought, that will do me. The first thing I did was to stick it in an egg!

As the BBC's Doctor Who flies around in a Police Box, I thought it would be a good idea to take it with me when ever I go out on a shoot and build up a travel log of my own 'Tardis'.

Now I will try to find a real Police Box and take a shot of mine against that one!