Thats gotta hurt!

untitled-1It's not every day that you find yourself leaning out of a tenth floor window to take a shot of yet another sunset.

Well yesterday I did. For a few days, after reading a piece online about conceptual art, my mind has been wandering about thinking of a topic which I could turn into art.

I have always liked apocalyptic type films so my mind wandered through those for a bit. As my mind wandered, I wandered into the kitchen to see a great sunset over London.

'That looks like an explosion!' I thought while hurrying to get my Canon. A few seconds later, window open and I was risking certain death and voided warranty by leaning out of the window to take a few shots.

Once in Lightroom, the shots didn't look that great so I chopped it up and played around with polar coordinates in Photoshop as well as mirroring from one side of the shot to the other.

I remembered the advice of Benjamin Von Wong who suggested I concentrate on a couple of shots rather than a whole host of frames, so I whittled the idea down to two.

The first is a simulation of the extinction level event which killed the dinosaurs, the blast is the clouds of the sunset mirrored and polar coordinated, layered over a stock photo of North America.

The second is the same explosion but from the grounds perspective. This was just a mirrored shot of the original clouds during the sunset.