Divine Inspiration

Two posts in one day? What's wrong with me.. must be divine inspiration.In my last post I recounted my trip to Madam Jo Jo's and my encounter with a Weeping Angel.

The shot at the end of this post below is made of three shots. Colour correction was done in Lightroom5 then ported to Photoshop for editing together.

I first took the middle shot, named it Angel Middle and created a mask around the figure as the original had a lot of the stage which needed to be removed.


I then added the left and right shots, named Angel Left and Angel Right, positioned below the Angel Middle layer and left them without masks. The L and R photos did not need masking as they had a lot of background that covered the central figure. Not as much as I needed though so I had to cut additional panes from each side as masked layers to blend them in around the central figure to fill in the gaps and add back the stage around the feet.


I added a Hue and Saturation adjustment layer to the Angel Middle layer and brought the tone down to try and match the other two figures.

Conclusions: I need more practice with brush work and masks.

Thanks to Ava Iscariot for a fantastic performance and for the inspiration of the photo below!