Afternoon,I was back at Madam Jo Jo's again last night, shooting a few frames off at Cabaret Roulette. It was Sci-Fi night so I turned up early to get an good seat and set about checking the camera and lens for the fourth time that day and set up the tripod.

I shoot hand held but I put the camera on the tripod between performances to rest my arms. The additional battery pack may not be necessary for a two hour shoot but it makes portrait shots much easier to do.

Except this evening, after four kit checks... I forgot the tripod mount for the camera. Hmm OK then I will pack that away again and rest the camera on my slingshot bag instead.

You many have read in others posts, when I have attended Jo Jo's that the Canon suffers from low ISO performance so the shutter slows down resulting in blurred shots. Now, I have been doing a bit of reading, Jared Polin's 'A guide to capturing motion in low light' showed me that if I reduce the exposure then my shutter speed increases and I can bring back the exposure in Lightroom, seeing as I always shoot in RAW.

Looking back at the shots I can see that even though most were at ISO3200, the shutter speeds were much better this time so I had more shots to choose from this time around. I am getting much harsher with choosing my photos to publish.

However, at the start of the show a smoke machine was used. Quite a bit in fact, it rolled around the stage, then rolled out over the audience in the pit and then wafted up to me.. in the FAAAACE!! Which was a shame as the the first shots of the compare of the evening were taken through the smoke so I had to ditch most of them till the smoke cleared.

One of the acts by Ava Iscariot was based on the Weeping Angels from Doctor Who. This had a major amount of strobbing from the lights during the act (The Weeping Angels can only move when they are not looked at), so I set the camera on rapid fire and hoped for the best. Only one of the shots came out black the others were OK but the camera could not lock focus enough for all of them but the ones I did get were spot on.

Between performances I looked back through the shots of the Weeping Angel and immediately thought of trying a composition. Stay tuned for that...