Have you seen beaches?

I have not had much inspiration for photos this week, but this evening I had a couple of things come together that just punched into my idea starved head.This afternoon I was watching this video from Gavin Hoey about using a Neutral Density Filter. You can watch the video here. Gavin was on a beach and it has been a long time since I have been to the beach so that thought started bouncing around my head.

This evening while chatting on Facebook I noticed the chat was adding a message, Sent from Hove.

'Hmm,' said the thought running around my head, 'See how much it costs to get to Hove'

I am not accustomed to listening to voices in my head but I decided to ignore medical advise and answer it.

'Pretty cheap' I told the strange voice in my head.

'So make a list of things you may need, brainstorming!' it replied.

What would I need for a beach shoot?

  • My flash unit if it is not that sunny.
  • Definitely the wide angle lens for those sweeping panoramic shots.
  • 50mm 1.8 for those close shots and blurry backgrounds.
  • ND Filter, I want to try a blurry water effect
  • Check out the times of the low and high tide, don't want to get caught with wet feet.
  • Probably a towel in case the camera get wet or covered in sand.
  • Remember to be careful swapping lenses! Sand and sensor chips do not mix.
  • Check out other beach shots for inspiration!

So there we go, I have a new project to look forward to, stones, seaweed and a use for my neutral density filter at last.

Stay tuned for the next blog post!