Yay! Awwww... oh yay!

In March I bought the Lightroom Preset System v4 from the SLR Lounge. This preset system allows quick adjustment of your photos. Check out the link here, it helps to make light work of processing your raw files. As a personal endorsement, it is well worth getting!The other day I received an email informing me of an update to the system. This now covered Lightroom versions 4 and 5. The email suggested that if you bought the system after January 2013 then you were eligible for a free update.

So I quickly sent off an email, providing my proof of purchase as requested. As this was the afternoon I thought I would get an reply quickly as America is 6 hours behind. Sure enough a reply dropped into my mail box.

Thanks for getting in touch!  We appreciate your continued support.

 Though your purchase date falls before the free upgrade period, we would like to reward you for your loyalty and include it for free.

 The email has been sent.  Please spread the word about our products :)


Wow! Nice one Chris! As soon as I read the part about my purchase falling out of the free upgrade period it occurred to me that I had read the date in the British way rather than the American method. Duh! but what great customer service!

And as requested I am spreading the word about the SLR Lounge! The videos and articles have taught me a lot about Lightroom and methods of production, some of which I have incorporated in to my own workflow.