Not only but also...

Having some time off at the moment so I decided to purchase a few things for  for the camera.First up was this little gem, the Hoya 58mm HMC NDX8 Neutral Density Filter. That's a bit of a mouthful so I will just call him Bob. Bob reduces the amount of light entering the lens allowing for slower shutter speed than normally attainable during the day time. This is great for blurring out clouds in landscape shots and misting up water. I might take Bob out for test run when the Thames is low this week.

Next up was a pair of L-shaped Metal Bracket/Holder/Mount for Digital Camera& Flash & TTL Cable. Again this was more of a mouth full than a hamster with a fixation for sun flower seeds. So I called them Bill. Both of them. These handy devices allow me to set my camera at 90 degrees on my tripod. Now I could use the head on my tripod, it can flip horizontally if I want it to but it is offset when it does. This allows me to position the camera at its center point for better panoramic shots. Watch this to see what I mean. It also means I can position my flash above the camera when it is in portrait mode rather than landscape.

Last year I bought a Lowepro Fastpack 350 (Black). Its massive, it can knock an old person down an escalator before you can say 'It wasn't me'. It can carry the whole of my kit if I feel the shoot I am doing requires it. If not then my Lowepro Slingshot is more than enough.

However today, I needed it to perform a new function. Carrying coins. Most of us have a piggy bank, a place to drop loose coins in when we get home. I have the bottle of a mini water dispenser I won in a secret Santa a good number of years back as mine. In total this jar had over 3800 coins in it and I was not going to waste time bagging them all up and taking them to the bank.

I took them to a Coinstar machine fairly close to me. A triple thick plastic bag was not going to last a few steps so I put the bag in to the main compartment of the Fastpack. Then tried to put on the pack. Ouch, there goes my back... Adjusting the straps on the pack I managed to keep upright without tipping over.

The Fastpack held the weight with out any problems. I checked the bag over when I returned to find no problems with the stitching and no damage to the interior. OK so it is not the best review of a camera bag but credit where credit is due as the total wight of the coins totaled around 18Kgrams. The same as 18 bags of sugar...

So many coinsLITF