Gotta watch out for that...

Afternoon.I was cleaning my camera gear and started to clear all the SD cards of data. I noticed that one card had difficulty in entering the card slot of my Canon 550d.

I pulled it out and tried another, same problem. Looking in to the card slot I could see a very small piece of dark plastic stuck at the bottom. Not wanted to use a hammer I took a small pair of tweezers and gently pulled it out.

I checked my other SD cards and found that not one but two of them had lost a guide rail by the contact strip.


Like a children's toy at Christmas the plastic will invariable fall apart at some point. I will need to make a point to check each card as they go in and out of the slot. Luckily I had the tools to had to remove the plastic intruder there and then. If I had been out on a shoot and could not get it out that would have been it for the day.

So that is my first bit of consumer advice. Go check your plastic bits...