Oh god nooooo!!

Afternoon,I was attending the opening night of 'The Original Street Dancers' at their new venue, the Effra Social in Brixton. I had offered to come and take photos for their own publication and for my portfolio.

I arrived early and upon entry I received a small jewel instead of a stamp to the back of the hand. Very novel I thought.

I checked out the place and realized that my ISO would be hitting the 3200 mark again with my 50-250. I took a a few test shots and yup, 3200 again. Not to worry, grain is grain so I will deal with in post.

I was made welcome by Ginger Blush, one of the members of The Original Street Dancers, We had a quick chat about the setup and I asked, as the stage was low if the performers would be interacting with the audience. She said there were some during the show so I hoped the lights would come up a bit for that.

The curtain raised to reveal a better spread of light so my ISO dropped and shutter speeds went up for a change! Looking at them from Lightroom, the lowest ISO was 400, Nice and sharp shots this time.

It was nearly halfway through the show, I was busy snapping away like a loon when I noticed the flashing battery light.

Oh God no!!!

Damn it! OK not to worry, I have the spares I will just swap them in and...


Yup they were flashing battery light too...

Perhaps I have the spare battery pack which can take four AA batteries which I will remove from my flash and..


It's in the backpack and not in the Slingshot!  Bugger... what to do?

I had not been in this situation before and therefore had no idea how many shots I would manage to get before the inevitable 'Check Battery Pack' message.

Bless the Effra Social for having free Wifi! I used my Nexus 7 to Google 'Help I am an idiot and did not charge my batteries', that didn't help at all. So instead I searched for ways to preserve battery life.

So here are some examples;

  • Turn off the display. (Check!)
  • Turn off displaying shots. (Hmm I want to see what I am taking so I left that.)
  • Turn of auto focus, go manual. (oh god really? OK will give that a go.)
  • Use a lower capacity card. (Apparently they write files quicker so less battery time is used.)
  • Switch off the camera between performances. (Check!)
  • Use JPEG instead of RAW (err no not unless I was really desperate!)

And lastly;

  • Charge your batteries before you leave for a shoot! IDIOT!

Swapping from a16 to a 4gig card and following points 1,3 and 5 I preserved enough battery life to make it to the end of the show.

Phew! Never going to make that mistake again.