Opps sorry mate!

Woke up to the sound of buzzing. Not the alarm clock but something that would defiantly cause you to get out of bed very quickly followed but cursing and a desperate attempt the leave the room by any other method than the door.It was a wasp. He had managed to get into the room and was having fun banging his head into the window. After he has stunned himself a few times and given himself possible brain damage, I flipped a pint glass over, trapped him and watched him for a few moments.

The words 'photo opportunity' was practically slapping me in the face at this point so I reached for the camera and took a few shots, The glass had been used the previous night so had a few thumb prints over it so getting a shot was tricky, plus the glass wasn't made by Canon or Sigma so it wasn't the best to shoot through.

It also had been used for a beer the previous night so there was a slight rim of dried alcohol at the bottom, which was now at the top above the now angry wasp. Not that his circumstance had changed that much in five minutes. He had gone from banging his head against a pane of glass to a circular one.

Not getting a decent shot I added the macro reverse ring to the Canon 550d and flipped over the 50-250 lens. Turning back I found him at the top of the glass eating away at the dried beer.


He was then a lot less angry and flew around in a slow circle for a minute. Is it possible to get a wasp drunk on the dregs of last nights beer? It seems so.  It allowed me to get this shot of him in flight. I then continued my crusade of blinding every insect I come across by popping the flash to see if that would help the shot. All it achieved was to make the wasp fall the bottom of the glass.He then settled down on paper I have slid under the glass, I waited to see if he wanted to have a tiny plate of curry to go with his beer or perhaps a few grains of paracetamol the little drunken Vespula Germanica. (thanks wiki.)

Opening the window I shook the glass to let him go out on his boozy way. All he did was fall to the ground. What with the flash and the beer I would assume it meant he couldn't fly, but we have all been blind drunk once in a while so I did sympathize.