Lightroom, with more r r r r roooom.

What an awful title.. anyway...There are many discussions on forums about wether it is best to have one massive cataloge of all your pictures or to split them up depending on category, portraits, landscapes bits of wood etc. Some have said that the Lightroom catalog can slow down as you add more to it. I have not seen that personaly but I wanted to see if there was any differance on my system.

So with over 3000 photos in the burlesque folder alone I decied to move them out of the main catalog and into its own. Lightroom can do this internally of course, you can choose the folder, right click and choose 'Export folder as a catalog'. I saved the new catalog in the same place as the others.

Did it seem faster? Hmmm not really, I didn't see a slow down or a better performance from the catalog, but the immediate thing I noticed was the lack of bulk in the folder list. The folders were easier to navigate as there was less clutter.

So in that respect the operation was a lot quicker and easier to focus on the job in hand, there were no distractions.

I like the new set up. I now have three working catalogs Catalog, Burlesque and Archive. I might split up the main Catalog again, maybe extract the portrait work.