Big ass prints..

No, this is not a post about taking shots of massive donkeys..I found a place local that could print out an A3 sized print. Why not I thought. I phoned them up and asked under which format they would like the files to be. I was told A3 would need to be 300dpi and in PDF form.

Excellent, so selecting a few shots to test out I headed out to the printers. Handing over the USB device with the files I was taken to the back to select which shots I wanted. I had created two versions of each shot. One set were created by Photoshop and the other by printing to CutePDF's printer object.

Both sets were around the same size so I opted for the Photoshop labeled files. A couple of minutes later I had my three shots on decent A3 paper. I was a little disappointed with one as it was a bit washed out and the colours didn't pop as much as I thought it would. Maybe I needed to use glossy paper next time and brighten it up a little. The others looked superb!

I was told that my choice of RGB was a poor one. I should have gone for CMYK instead. This has been noted and I will try again with another selection of shots.


  • Big ass prints really make your shots come alive.
  • Use CMYK colour space from now on for prints.
  • Order glossy paper next time.
  • Order more!!