2013 Yearly Round Up - January

Morning,Jan 2This is the start of 12 posts covering each month of the past year. Two shots will be chosen (and one has already been forced on me) as best and honorable mention.

So we kick off with January with this shot of a very small tree covered in snow. For those of you who were reading this blog at the beginning of the year will remember this post You forgot to mention... where I was trying to photograph snow... while it was still snowing. Everything was covered in snow. There should have been a shot of me covered in snow...

It was in January so everything was still a bit Christmasy so I added some snow in post production. The real 'lets cover everything' snow was falling too fast and looked like rain. The thing that reminds me about this shot was how quiet everything was, all you could hear was the snow falling..

So from a snow covered Earth I turned my lens skyward for the honorable mention photo for January. I have entitled this one 'Bloody hell really???'

The shot was taken with my 50-250mm Canon while sitting on my tripod. For those who are thinking WTF? The large blob in the center of the photo is Jupiter!

Yup, the massive and slightly gusty gas giant in our solar system. The four little blobs at 45degrees to Jupiter around it are the Galilean moons, in order from left to right Ganymede, Io, Europa and Callisto The other two blobs (middle left and top right) are the light from other stars.

This shot has the honorable mention slot as it was a shock that just a ground based camera can look that far... must try a large telescope one day.

Jan 1