2013 – Yearly Round Up – June

June 1June already! The small things theme continued with The Tiny Tardis Travels and Remembrance of the Hard Disks.Since taking up photography I have moved around more than a marble in a sock. (?) So where I go then so does my Tiny Tardis.

OK its not a BBC sanctioned model, it is a Hornby model of a Police Box. I thought that seeing as I am doing a lot of traveling then I will take this with me and take a shot of it in the location.

I continued to use the Macro Reversing Ring and smashed open an old hard drive of mine to see if there were any intricate bits that were worth taking a look at in a macro fashion. The stylus like object is the read/write head of a hard disk. It is floating on the top of one of the four disk platters.


June 2