2013 – Yearly Round Up – May

May 1May was a good month! It started getting warmer and I returned to the Natural History Museum for the first time ooh ages, then everything started getting smaller.

Over 30 years ago I was at the Natural History Museum with my Primary School. We were given a sheet of paper with sketches of features which could be found around the museum. I remember I was the irritating sprog who found the monkeys around the edge of the walls. I recalled where I was when I spotted them too so I just had to take this shot from the landing above the entrance. This brought back a lot of memories.

May 2Things come in small sizes. Sand for example. I had tried macro work before but turned my hand to using a Macro Reversing ring. This turned my 50-250mm Cannon into a great tool for macro work.

I shot everything, from coins, to gravy granules just to see what they were like really close up. It is a very cheap way of trying macro photography before you decide to splash out on a proper macro lens to do even better shots.

One day I will try that too.