2013 – Yearly Round Up – November

November!! Fanfare for no reason!!

Ahem... Bloody helicopters! Just about to get to sleep and one of these bubble bee impersonators decides to buzz the place. Looking around, no... no... damn.. can't find my bazooka.. oh well it will have to be the camera then.

This particular annoyance was being extra annoying as it would just bounce around for a bit, back and fourth, up and down as if a bumble bee was actually at the controls. It was really hard to miss the moon was up at the same time. So grabbing the Canon with my new Sigma dragging my arm down I fired off a number of shots to celebrate the fact I had been woken up again.Nov 2Nov 1From bumble bees at the controls of heavy machinery to seagulls and electricity.

This seagull had obviously not seen the public information films from the 1970's about the dangers of getting to close to electricity pylons. Jimmy the Seagull was flying lazily above the pylon, perhaps looking for a frisbee while being urged on by another female seagull from below...

I took this shot in case he exploded soon after.