2013 – Yearly Round Up – Sepetember

Sept 1September.. and it was getting cold.

Working in North London I am not far from Camden. Shall me and a fellow photographer take the bus there? No.. lets walk... along the canal.

Some of the surrounding walls of the canal were being repaired so there was a floating walkway along a small section  of the pathway. While wobbling around the floaty deathtrap with near to a grands worth of gear on my back, a couple of heavy joggers started pounding along behind me...

I thought I was about to be trampled by a heard of elephants.

This photo was taken just past the first lock we came to. I do not know if any one lives there but if you are interested then this is the Google Maps location on Grand Union Tow Path.

Sept 2Back home and I bought a tomato. OK not just the one tomato, who the hell walks into a grocers and asks for just one?

Anyway, I wanted it to try the Macro Reverse Ring again and get a close up shot of the water I sprayed on it.

I should have got closer..