Happy New Year and oh crap really?

What the Duck is a comic strip by Aaron Johnson. The main character of the comic strip is a professional photographer who is a duck. The witty humor and smart observations about photography have made the comic a favorite among many amateur and professional photographers. Check it out at http://www.whattheduck.net/.

OK so I am a bit nerdy so this really made me laugh. Its a new year already... so do I have any new year resolutions?


  • Take less, but better photos.
  • Be more harsh about culling photos.
  • Get out more.
  • More H.D.R photography!

Purchases this year? Possibly a fish eye lens to take grander H.D.R interior shots. At the moment I have been using my 18-55mm Canon lens but on a crop sensor it is more like 28-88mm which means I either shoot what I have or attempt a stitched H.D.R shot to get more included in the shot. If the indoor lighting doesn't change then it might be OK but for light coming in from outside which can change will spoil a shot and be noticeable in a stitched panoramic.

Will give it ago though for my next blog post.