February - JPEGMini Pro

ImageI was thinking about this for a while.

The makers of JPEGMini released JPGEMini Pro late last year. At £99 pounds it was a bit expensive but this afternoon I thought, what the hell I will make a purchase.

My original review of JPEGMini is here.

To summarize, JPEGMini rips the crap out of your photos so the file size is smaller but the resolution is the same.

JPEGMini Pro unlocks the following:

  • Breaks the 28 mega pixel barrier and kicks it up to 50.
  • Utilises up to 8 CPU cores for faster processing.
  • Includes a Lightroom Plug-in.

Once purchased and installed I tried running the main program on my photos that were over 28 mega pixels. This saved me another 60meg of data I will never have to see again.

I blinked and missed the actually munching process. So I tried it again while watching my CPU processor percentage of use and saw it was hitting 80-90% usage.

The Lightroom plug-in is where my interest was most concerned about. I had an email from tech support that I could include the plug-in within my exporting workflow. I also use another plug-in to automatically add a border and text to a picture and I was worried JPEGMini Pro would disrupt that.

Nope everything is fine in the world!

The plug-in sits at the end of an export process. Every this is done first and as long as the JPEGMini is last in line then it grabs the result and smashes it down to size.


This is my export for creating a full sized jpeg file from a photo. The jpeg is saved at 100% (Quality) compression, no resizing and JPEGMini takes care of the rest.

I can even use this if I want to Email direct to an mailbox from within Lightroom. I simply have to add JPEGMini to the end of the Email process and I have less chance of hitting the receiving mailbox file limit (some still do.)

As a speed comparison JPEGMini converted 30 identical images of my desktop in 18 seconds (Overwriting the same file on the Solid State Drive) while an identical folder was converted by JPEGMini Pro in just under 5 seconds.

Impressive... so I best go out and take more photos now.