February - Anyone around?

In a stark contrast to the last post, where I was surrounded by tourists, my next jaunt into London saw me travel on the toy train called the Docklands Light Railway.Trundling along for a few stops from Bank station I got off at Canary Wharf. This has a high vaulted ceiling and was the first shot I wanted to take. I had been here before after dangling 90 feet up in the air on the Emirates Air Line a couple of years ago.

My new Sigma 10-20mm lens really helped for this shot. It allowed me to see more of the ceiling that my Canon 18-55.

Exiting the station and heading south I noticed something about the area. The lack of people. I would assume during normal working hours that I would be surrounded by people in suits but for now I had the place to myself.

Rounding a corner I came across a wide open area. There were seats dotted around the place and a bronze statue of a centaur.

This is the work of Polish artist Igor Mitoraj. He wasn't around to pose with the statue so I took a few shots. I thought they were a bit dull so I crouched down, set focus on the centaurs bald head and composed the shot so his hoof was close to the lens so I had foreground and background interest in the shot.

In post production I added a texture over the statue and blurred out the background a little to make him stand out a bit more. I also reduced the bronze colour and added a more subtle blue tone to the over all image rather that the grey of the surrounding buildings.

Leaving the prancing man-pony behind me I wandered towards the waters edge to the east. I bounced down a flight of steps, walked around a sleeping gentleman, ignoring the protests of my brain begging me to take a photo of him and wandered around the quay edge.

It was at this time I wish I had bought my Sigma 70-200mm zoom. I noticed a number of shots that I could have taken and sadly now missed. This regret was dashed when I found a row of Boris Bikes parked up along the quay edge. They looked out of place as I would have thought you would need a Boris Bike to get to this remote area to get one. Still it was one of those moments when I imaged how a shot would work but just by happenstance I was in the exact spot to take it.

Boris Bikes - Canary Wharf

In post I desaturated the colours so only the white, turquoise and blue of the bikes were dominant. Added some sharpening to make the whole shot sharp rather than just the foreground.

Resisting the urge to use a Boris Bike to bunny hope over a sleeping person further behind me I continued along and around Canary Wharf taking a number of interesting shots.

Check out this link for the full set: Canary Wharf