Say hello to my little friend!

OK it is not that little and neither is the subject that was being lit by it.I was bouncing around a parts and bits shop and noticed a cheap LED wand. What the hell I thought, its cheap it takes cheap ass batteries as well so I snapped it up.

Not having a proper studio studio set up I turned to the next best thing. The floor. I set up a red towel against the back of a chair and placed my 70-200mm Sigma zoom lens as a test subject.

The wand has two functions, a single front beam and with a flick of the switch a triple row of 28 LEDs flare into being. I used the main beam to try to illuminate the whole of the lens body. An exposure time of 4 seconds at 100ISO allowed me time to move the beam from the base to top easily.

I wanted to try something else. I flipped on the 28 lights and used the four seconds to light all around the front of the lens. This looked good but would cause shadows all around the back of the lens. So why not try all around?

Four seconds was enough for me to light the front of the lens then spin the light behind the subject resulting in clean light at the front and bright lines behind.

Little Friend

I like the first attempt although I would have liked the lights lower so I will be try this again soon. Seeing as the lights are ass bucket cheap I may buy a couple more for a cheap lighting set up.leaving me free to swing the original light around as much as I want.