Same time same place

Map by the Google chaps.

October already and my thoughts travel to the future... where is my hover board Zemeckis?

Banishing thoughts of flying skateboards I return screaming to the topic of this blog post. Future Ideas! So here we go:

Same time same place - Weekly

This project means I select a place in London and at the same time each week I take a shot in the same direction. At the end of the project I would have built up 52 shots documenting how the area changed in a year.

The area selected would have to have noticeable changes, not from week to week but at least in how it looks. Perhaps a spot in a public park would be good as the seasons would change the landscape.

Dawn till Dusk

This project would mean I would stay in one place from dawn to dusk. Preferably this would be done around now in Autumn rather than long summer days.

I would like to capture the sun as it rises from the horizon, to where it sets. I know my wide angle lens would not be enough for me to lock the camera off on a tripod for the duration and snap a photo each hour. I would have to move it slightly so the whole sequence would be captured. Bit of maths to work that one out I think.

Necrotic Perennial

I have noticed that these project are all time based. Anyway this idea is I buy a flower… and let it die, taking a shot each day. Of the projects so far, this is the easiest to do and would not cost much in time or money. It would also be better than using a piece of fruit and watching it rot.

Pub Signs

Ok I know you are wondering ‘this is an excuse to go to the pub’ and you would be right… however I recall this is something my father used to do when his hobby was photography. I don’t recall why but I do remember traveling to London, walking around watching him take shot of pub signs.

It would be very interesting to do over 40 years later, until I found out there are nearly 7000 pubs in London….

It would mean an awful lot of walking around.

I will have to think of something else… let me know if you think of anything yourselves.