When in York... ignore the tourist sites...

So there I was finally getting off the train at York station. An hour and a half late, tired, hungry and annoyed that I had missed the sun that evening.

It has been a long time since I had the opportunity to visit York and I remember wanting to take a lot of photos next time I went. I was up on business for my day job, this wasn't a social visit... or so I thought.

Ghostly goings on....

I was there for two days and after checking in at the hotel I decided to take shots of the hotel room. Wasn't that interesting until I picked up a towel from the bathroom.

Hmmm I thought lets play around with this.

I had my tripod with me so I set up my Canon 70D and fired off a shot with a 2 second delay of the bathroom using my 10-20mm wide angle lens 'Stubby'.

I then carefully moved into the bathroom with the towel, hit the timer and threw it over my head.

Whipping out my laptop I threw the two frames into Lightroom, made a few adjustments opened them as layers in Photoshop and masked out my arms and legs.

Punching through a few effects and the usual radial filter added to this spooky shot.

York was built on the River Ouse. For a while now I have wanted to use Stubby to take a long exposure on a river that wasn't the Thames. The shot below was taken at Wellington Row just past the bike sheds. There is a little flight of stairs leading up to the back door of the bike sheds. I set up the tripod and selected bracketed exposure settings in the camera.

The result was stunning. Stubby can be really sharp and you can also see some stars that were caught in the exposure. The bright light behind the center building was the moon. If this had been in the shot then it may not have been as good as the light from the moon would have over powered the shot.

Love the way the water now looks like glass.

Smooooth Oooouse....

Bit rainy...

Further south from the Ouse there is Station Road. Just as it passes underneath the city wall. From there I could see York Minster in the distance and thought the line of the road stretching out before me was a nice run up that would track the eye.

However once I was editing in Lightroom I noticed that my eye was drawn more towards the car in the foreground. I decided to make that the focus of the shot and subsequently de-focus everything else.

I used a cold blue palette for this shot. It had been raining before hand so I wanted to keep that look. I selectively blurred out most of the background till just before the roof of the car.

I then used, believe it or not, a stock picture of leather skin to form the rain. The picture was manipulated in Photoshop and finally motion blurred at a slight angle to create the rain.

I had nearly finished when I noticed I had left the number plate of the car visible in the shot. A few minutes of cloning sorted that!

Fully Fashioned Point Heel, red metallic seam.

Earlier in the week I had arranged to meet Yvette from Burlesque Nylons in Harrogate. It was a thirty minute train ride from York and my evening was clear so yeah lets go!

We met outside the station and we went to a bar called the Blues Bar in Montpellier Parade.

We talked about photography, burlesque and product shots. I suggested we try a few shots now! This would be my second shoot in pub, the last was the Bedford, Balham in June of this year.

The bar wasn't crowded so Yvette quickly changed and modeled the 'Fully Fashioned Point Heel, red metallic seam' for me on the stairs right next to the main doorway.

I didn't use Stubby for this as it would have been too wide a shot. I would have got Yvette, the bar and most of Harrogate if I had used that.

This shot was taken using the Canon 50mm f1.8.

So to summarize, when visiting one of the oldest cities in England, there is no need to take photos that everyone else does, pretend your a ghost, stand next to a river, ignore the background for a strangers car and borrow a friends feet for the evening.