Oh it takes so long... oh here's a thought...

I like taking large panoramic photos. With my Sigma 10-20mm I can take less shots now than I used to with my 18-55 Canon but the result is still the same.

The resolution size, once stitched together can be C O L O S S A L !

I was editing a large panoramic photo, 7 frames in total and the resolution was 20k on the long side. Cycling down through the list of Lightroom presets, the navigator would take an age to update, brushes would take forever and I felt myself visibly growing older while I was waiting.

OK so having a file that is 20k on the long size is excessive but I like to be able to use as much as the photo as possible if I need to crop or clone.

After shaving again for the third time that day, I thought of an idea similar to to how Smart Previews are used. Smart Previews allow you to build a low resolution file while you keep the main file offline. I have all my photos to hand and they are never offline so the SP's didn't help me in this regard.

But it did give me the idea for an new Export setting. If I exported the file, to the same folder as the original BUT reduce the resolution to a 10% (in this case 2000px) then the presets, adjustment brushes and updates to the navigator will be faster. Yes... much faster! I can do all my updates and sync them over to the main ( massive ) file later.

I know what your thinking... Why not use 1:1 previews? I felt that this method was faster, the 1:1 preview for the 20k file was 16meg where if I used the Jpeg version then it was under 1meg.

Downside is that I would have to remember to remove the JPEG once I am done where 1:1 previews can be set to remove after a set date but that is no hardship to me.

Expect some large panoramic images coming up soon!