Ahh so I have enough time to... ahh oh God nooooo!

Left work early to get to the printers to print off a final edit ready for the 12x6 frame I bought a while back as a present for someone. I got home around 5:15 and had a couple of things planned as I was attending a burlesque event at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern in the evening. The event was Anna Lou Larkin : In concert.

'Lots of time to spare..' I thought, 'So lets watch telly for...' (DING!) My Nexus 7 chirps when a Facebook message is sent.

Can I shoot at tonight's show? Arrrrrggg! Oh crap are the batteries charged? Arrrg! Quickly tapping back an acceptance message I ran head first into my massive camera bag and double checked all the kit I thought I would need. I had my 10-20mm, 50mm and 70-200mm. Batteries checked out fine so I was ready and set to roll.

Cartwheeling out of Vauxhall tube station I walked the few yards across to the tavern. Tried all the doors to find only one open at the time and found that a drinking buddy had arrived before me!

I announced my presence to the producer of the show, Vivacity, and was introduced to Anna Lou whom I had chatted to for a while on Facebook but had never met in person. I have shot a show for Vivacity before and taken shots of Anna Lou many times before but I always make time to talk to the people I am photographing when I can, whether  it is in person or via Facebook and other social media. Very important!!

I had brought a long a printed photo of mine for inclusion in the raffle and I noticed someone, hopefully admiring it later in the evening. I had won a vintage poster from the raffle in a massive cardboard tube. That, along with my massive camera bag made for a lethal combination on the escalators at Vauxhall after the show. (Sorry five people!)

While waiting for the show to begin I experimented with the available light and choose a general shooting area to start in. The tavern started to fill up quite quickly so my shooting area was diminishing rapidly. I choose to start with the 50mm f1.8 but quickly found that it would not give me tight close ups I knew I was going to need. I had seen all three of the special guests that were appearing in the evening so I knew I had to use the 70-200mm. I briefly tried the 10-20mm, that thing is so wide I swear I could see people behind me!

So I stuck with the 70-200mm. There was one thing I forgot though. It is so bloody HEAVY! You don't notice it to begin with but after a while I began to wonder where all the blood was going in my left arm!

As a venue to shoot in I give it a thumbs up. I tried to think of a photography equivalent to 'thumbs up' but could only think of '5 out of 5 lens caps' as a rating...

I will have to think of another for next time.