Stick a filter on it!

There have been many times, while watching photography videos on YouTube, that the use of square filters are used. I never thought of using a set until the other day. I bought a simple set of 25 pieces and a holder from Amazon.

The full set consists of 1x ND2 Filter,  1x G.ND2 Filter, 1x ND4 Filter, 1x G.ND4 Filter, 1x ND8 Filter,  1x G.ND8 Filter, 1x Blue Filter,  1x Graduated Blue Filter, 1x Orange Filter,  1x Graduated Orange Filter, 1x Brown Filter,  1x Graduated Brown Filter, 1x Pink Filter,  1x Graduated Pink Filter, 1x Red Filter,  1x Graduated Red Filter, 1x Green Filter,  1x Graduated Green Filter, 1x Yellow Filter,  1x Graduated Yellow Filter, 1x Purple Filter,  1xGraduated Purple Filter, 1x ND16 1x Sunset Filter, 49mm Ring Adapter x1, 52mm Ring Adapter x1, 55mm Ring Adapter x1, 58mm Ring Adapter x1, 62mm Ring Adapter x1, 67mm Ring Adapter x1, 72mm Ring Adapter x1, 77mm Ring Adapter x1, 82mm Ring Adapter x1,

3 Slots Filter Holder and 2x12 slot cases.

I like the additon of the multiple ring adapters as all my lenses have differing filter sizes. You choose a filter for the lens you are using and slide it onto the back of the filter holder, the whole thing then screws on the filter thread of the lens. You can then insert up to three filters into the holder. The slots are sprung so they hold the filters tightly.

The filters themselves come in two slot cases. Each of them are individually packaged in peel-able sticky packets. When I first opened one and slid the filter out it got caught on the tacky side of the packet and left sticky residue on one side. A quick exhale and a cloth got rid of that.

I could just remove the filters from each packet but I think they can help protect them as I am thinking of them up so I only need to carry one case. The filters are not labled though so I would have to create little lables for quick reference.

Slapping a Graduated Red filter onto Stubby and poking it out the window I notice immediately that at 10mm the lens can see the edges of the holder, switching to 12mm eliminates that. The advantage of these filters is I can adjust the amount of graduation I need just by pushing the filter up and down.

The shots below show a before and after using a graduated Neutral Density filter in direct sunlight.

Without the filter.

With the filter.

At 100% I could not see any major distortion from having the filter attached.

With the filter.

Without the filter.

I will be sure to make more use of these in the future.