A Portrait in Greenwich

Adventure time again as I traveled to Greenwich at the weekend. Once more did I ride the tamest roller coaster London has to offer. Stepping off at the DLR station of Cutty Sark I walked around to the park in front of the Observatory. Above me, there seemed to be a large group of people lined up on the ridge. Looked like they were watching me as I walked below them.

I waved, not one of them waved back....

Continuing on, I had looked at Google Maps first and found a location called One Tree Vista Point. This sounded like a good place to start so I trudged up the hill, which was quite a steep angle. Once at the top I found that there is a path that could have conveyed me to the top a lot quicker and with less slippage. Still once at the top I had a great view stretching from the Isle of Dogs to the right of me, all the way to the Shard, way off in the distance.

There were two photographers already there snapping away. I took out my Canon 70d which was sporting the 24-105 F4 and waited my turn. I make a point of waiting for other photographers to finish what they are doing After all they may be on assignment and need the time to complete.

Still I managed to snap off a panoramic while I was waiting.

Bit misty...

I headed further down below the One Tree Vista for a shot across to the Observatory. The sun was setting at this point and was creating a golden glow across the lower part of the frame with red and orange tinged clouds.

Red Sky at night... the park may be on fire...

The sun was setting rapidly and I could see the hoards of 'non waving' people descending towards the park gates. I followed then for a bit then broke off towards the Cutty Sark. I had photographed this before when I had started out in Photography and wanted to try again from a different angle.

By the time I got to there it was very dark, so I set up on t he right of the ship and with my tripod set up a couple of long exposures. All the non waving people were now streaming past the ship so a long exposure was needed to blur them out. In homage to the time the ship caught fire I added my own 'ahem' effect..

Opps! Flash was a bit strong.

Feeling guilty about the possibility of digitally burning down a national maritime treasure I walked past Nandos towards the river bank. It was time for another panoramic. This time from the south to the north bank, using the Sigma 10-20mm f3.5 each took eight seconds. I am glad the people on the left of the frame decided to stand still for the duration. I would have been annoyed if they had started to wave at that point.

Perhaps they were stalking me...

While I was taking a few test shots I noticed there was a couple of spots on the lens which needed cleaning. So I whipped out the cleaning cloth and pen to clean up. I steadied the camera and pressed the shutter button. Thinking nothing of I cleaned the lens. I missed the two second display of the shot the camera recorded and did not see it until I got home.

Not my best side....