Break down those barriers...

Another trip out to London this week. Today was the turn of East London to grace with my presence. I found myself on the East London tamest roller coaster, the Docklands Light Railway heading towards Pontoon Dock.

I had already scouted the area using Google maps. The area I was traveling to was right in front of the Thames Barrier. I had seen this in pictures before but not first hand. Walking down the five flights of stairs to road level I then headed south from Pontoon Dock and through the Thames Barrier Park.

Not a very original name I thought, unless occasionally large barriers would get in the way of patrons and then flood them for no reason. Then I would find the name acceptable. Winding my way the families enjoying picnics, strangely bearded youths thinking they can skateboard and the odd flying football I arrived at the edge of the Thames.

I was so disappointed... I thought the barrier was going to be much bigger than I thought. Now there must have been studies of how effective this barrier would be but if the North Sea ever decided to go shopping in Oxford Street I will not think twice about building a raft.

I wasn't going to waste the day so got out Jerry and Stubby and got to work.

The Thames Barrier, if they keep watering it like that it might grow bigger...

There were a lot of seagulls relaxing and drinking by the waters edge. Looked like some of them were on a package holiday from the south coast. You could tell as they were bigger due to them being fed chips all the time.

Walking west along the bank I stopped in front of a small jetty. The bars had a small padlock in front. Looking left and right there was no one in sight but I thought as soon as I step out onto the jetty then the river police would arrive and give me a good kicking. So I stayed where I was and watched as two seagulls faced off against each other, I called them Nick and John. To be honest  if you did swap the faces of two seagulls noone would notice.

I want to take his face... off. Eyes, nose, skin, teeth. It's coming off.

From here I couldn't walk much further without falling into the Thames so I walked back an decided to make a panoramic of the barrier to the still staring seagulls on the jetty. I took seven shot and used Lightroom 6's new panoramic tool to stitch them together, no need to jump into Photoshop to do it anymore.

Two seagulls in the distance, punching each other.

Jumped back on the East London Roller Coaster and headed to Blackwall. I got off looking for this black wall but found nothing. I watched as a train pulled in and thought if I race to the other end I can take a snap while it leaves the station. I may have mentioned my pack is quite heavy before so jogging along a platform brought an element of danger to the day.

I braced against the platform wall of the station, (which wasn't black) and fired off a few frames as the train left for the next stage of it's mildly entertaining ride. This shot looked so ordinary in the back of the camera so I thought I would boost it a little in Lightroom/Photoshop.

The DLR taken by a DSLR

The East London Roller Coaster would be much more fun if the speed was anything like which this end result portrayed. Phones, tablets and many bags of chips would be ruined by the colossal G-forces this produced.

Fortunately the train back was not going at warp speed so I arrived home without being covered in chips.