I can see my house from here...

So it was a very hot day in July and I was stuck for something to do. A quick search on Google for 'high public buildings in London' resulted in fining the One New Change shopping complex opposite St Paul's Cathedral.

Hopped on a tube to St Paul's station where everyone was staring, wondering why I hopped on instead of walking on like everyone else. Once I arrived outside the One New Change building I noticed it was covered in a lot of glass which gave a number of weird reflections, might return sometime to explore a bit more with that.

Moving towards the center I boarded a lift to the top floor. I was greeted with loud music as there was a party going on in a roped off area, turning left I walked past a group of bean bags in front of a large display screen. I assume there was a film showing soon. I wasn't here to have a drink while watching a film so I continued to the edge of the roof.

Wow, that is impressive. To the right you can see one of the large towers of the Barbican Centre, left you can see all the way to the Shard and you cannot miss the imposing structure of St Paul's Cathedral slap bang in the middle.

The sun was hiding behind the clouds so I decided to take some shots of the surrounding are before I tried a panoramic. I got shots of all three buildings above and decided to make a Triptych when I returned home.

This showed me there are taller buildings to checkout later!

The sun had made an appearance once more so I thought it would be time for a panoramic. Whipping out Jerry and and Stubby I fired off a few frames and get a general idea of how I could get some shots. The roof doesn't come to a edge where you can see and possibly drop things on the people below on the street, it has a slope which end a good few yards away from the real edge. This slope was getting in the shot but I wasn't too worried.

So starting from the right started to take frames, in portrait mode for a deeper panoramic, and making sure all the frames overlapped by around 30-40%. Got to the end of the shots to find a couple of people had wandered up to the edge of the railing. Not to worry just take the shot I thought, they may balance the shot out later or I can always crop them out.

St Paul's is watching you....

It turned out that they do balance the photo well and the roof curves around to the right revealing more of the Cathedral than if I had taken a straight on shot. You may have noticed the trees are red instead of green. This was due to the editing process, I think it suits the picture better than if they were green.

I would recommend a trip to this roof top if you are passing by. Make sure it is not raining though!

I was standing just below the brown triangle. Copyright of Google Maps