World in the face...

It has been a while since I have updated the Readership page. Seems we have been joined but a lot of readers since February!World

So here we go with:

  • Selamat Pagi Malaysia!
  • Helaba, salut Belgium!
  • Jambo Kenya!
  • Hola Colombia!
  • Nǐ hǎo Singapore!
  • Kia ora New Zealand!
  • jó napot Hungary!
  • God Dag Norway!
  • Dia duit Ireland!
  • Heita South Africa!
  • Oi Brazil!
  • Konnichiwa Japan!
  • Mah Nishmah Israel!
  • Zdraveĭte Bulgaria!
  • Heita South Africa!

and of course... Lernen Sie die choppa Austria!!!

Thanks for reading!


More readers from around the world

Wow, readers now in Estonia and Greece!Readership Glad to know my thoughts are being read around the globe now.Feel free to leave comments when you visit, makes a change from the usual spam comments I have to delete!

I am in a quandary, do I get an 18-250 lens or a something with better glass for the same price?

Not sure in which direction I am going with photography, I am just enjoying going out and taking pictures of anything at the moment.

Ideas anyone?




Olá Portugal! How is it going over there? I bet you don't have snow like we do at the moment. Thanks for reading!PortugalNow come on the rest of you! I know you are out there...


World is getting smaller!

CaptureMore readers from around the world! So..

G'Day Australia!

Dobrý den! to the Czech Republic!

Tjenare everyone in Sweden!

And dependent on where you live in Switzerland, Gruetzi mittenand, Bonjour or Buon giorno!

Small world.

Afternoon,I looked at the stats again and I have readers from three new countries reading my blog, so Guten Tag, Bonġu and Namasté to my new readers!


Hello world!

ImageI was looking at the stats of my blog and came across this statistic screen

So hello Latvia, United States, Netherlands and the sole person in Canada who is reading my blog.

It is nice to know that others are reading the blog, looking at my photos.. I just hope I am not offending anyone.. yet.

For all I know, this could just mean there are more spam programs in the UK than there are in the United States.

Thanks to those who are reading, I hope you continue to read and please leave a comment, let me know who you are and what you shoot!