Photo of the day - 09

While watching Christmas telly I suddenly stopped and stared at my glass of wine. 'This would make a great photo' I thought to myself... or it could have been the wine talking.

However, I set up in the kitchen with my Canon 550d on a tripod with the Canon EF-S 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS II Lens attached. I put the glass of wine on top of a tin lid and the background was a plain white sheet of paper.

The glass was lit from underneath by the torch light app from my smart phone.

It was then thrown into Lightroom for a couple of sharpening brushes and with another adjustment brush to change the color of the glass and background.. the color of the wine is as shot.

The top is a little dark but it is the center of the wine glass that the eye focuses on.

Next time I might try this with a glass of beer, more bubbles...


Photo of the day 5

I just could not decide which of the three photos below I liked the best to be the Photo of the day number 5. It was getting late and I had not taken a photo of the day, (which should be renamed to Photograph any old shit..) so I just looked around the room and found a box of matches and a towel..

So next time you have no inspiration on what subject you want to photograph... pick anything! Run into the kitchen and choose something from one drawer, something from another, put them on a background and snap away.


Photo of the day 4!

Is it the fourth photo of the day already? I am quite enjoying this little project..

Today's picture is of a table leg and table feet. I was enjoying a cup of tea when I remembered I had not taken a photo today.

So I whipped it out and extended it. The camera and the lens! Ahem.

I could have focused on the crane in the distance but I was looking down at the camera and noticed the table leg below me.

This shot was only slightly cropped to give it bit more composition to the right hand side of the shot.

Yup edited in Lightroom 4 again, boosted contrast and colour and spun it around, originally the foot was pointing to the south rather than to the east.

I think this has shown me that I can take a shot anywhere at any time and still come away with a good photo.


Photo of the Day 3

The 'Picture of the Day' is a close up photo of a speaker on my desk. I preferred the focus on the grill rather that on the twiddle thing as this is centered nicely just below the middle of the picture.

Again edited in Adobe Lightoom 4, added a bit of sharpening to bring out the grill but had to deepen the  blacks by adding more contrast otherwise it looked a bit washed out.

Next time I will choose something not so close to the lens.



Today Picture of the day comes from a daily routine most of us enjoy.A teabag..

I noticed my Casio Exilim has an f2.8 lens which is really good for portrait type shots, it blows the background out so the subject pops out better.

Notice how there is a second Teabag to follow the first one.

This was edited in Adobe Lightroom 4 to bring out the colours in the background and to sharpen up the leaves in the bag.

I have also stuck with the Cigarette Card type of presentation.

Photo of the day


This is my first photo of the day. It is of a silver light switch with an added grunge texture over the top. I don't know if I will continue the 'cigarette card' presentation but it might catch on...

I must remember to set my Casio Exilim to shoot in TIF, it cannot do RAW so I have ended up Jpeging a Jpeg. Click on the photo to go to Flickr to see the higher and slightly less Jpegy shot.

Even after my first 'Photo of the day' I am now thinking about other photo projects.

365 Photos - where I take a shot every day for a year.. every single day...

Lens in the Face - Where I shove my Lens in someones face and take a picture, weather they want to have their photo taken or not... could get a bit punchy with that one.

26 Day Alphabet - Take a shot a day, start with something beginning with A, then B then oh you get the picture..

Photo Challenge! - employ the use of a word randomiser on the internet and try to take a shot of what ever it gives me.