2013 Yearly Round Up - February

And so to February...

This month started out very spooky... I was visiting Barnes Graveyard. Disused and abandoned many years ago the area is in great disrepair and provided me with lots of shots of crumbling gravestones. Myself and a fellow photographer trudged through the area and right in the center was a very large grave. I recommend anyone who wants spooky shots to take a trip there.

Barnes Graveyard - 22

Putney Bridge - 20Soon after I was back near Barnes, this time at Putney Bridge. If you had read my GPS location that day you would have found be actually under Putney Bridge as well. I knew the tide had already gone out and I knew I have about twenty or so minutes before it came rushing back in.

Walking under the bridge was a tad slippy I was rewarded with shots of ducks, river brick-a-bract and other assorted things.. as well as what looked like a bone.

The Honorable mention photo is this one to the right. I was standing on a a spur watching the water rush back in. The way behind me had already been closed off while I took this shot. Two minutes later the area in front had submerged! I was heading for the bus by then....