2013 – Yearly Round Up – October

Oct 1October... hmm not much happened in this month...

So I had a beer. Then the door bell rang. My lights had arrived! Yay! More beer! Why not both together? OK so you cannot screw a bottle of beer into a light fitting, light bulbs fit so much better so I used them to take this shot of the second beer in my kitchen and then that was drunk too.

Drunk in charge of a camera... is that against the law? Hmmm

Oct 2

The lights came in handy for my second trip to Brighton, again to see Violet Blaze. Of course, it being October, there was no way my face was going to be burnt off this time.

This would have been a good test of my knowledge of using softboxes outside of a kitchen and into a bedroom.

Set up was quick I had one to the right of me and one just to my left to light Violet from the front. While 'the Blaze' was sitting on her bed in something skimpy, I knelt down, supported my elbow on my left knee and felt quite stable.

I kid you not, I commented on this: 'Hmm I am my own tripod' then suddenly realised  what I had said in the context of the situation. Ahem... moving on quickly...