2013 – Yearly Round Up – August

August 1 August and I found myself wobbling down a river in Windsor and walking for hours around High Elms.Taking a boat trip along the Thames for a while I failed to notice what all the fuss was about when we were a couple of minutes from returning to the dock... oh yeah the massive Windsor Castle in the distance. Best take a shot of that.

After disembarking I strolled up the hill towards the castle I found a long line of people.. must be for the toilets I thought... nope it was an hour long queue for the castle.. another time then. Next year I will return to Windsor and storm the battlements...

High Elms, 250 acres of woodland and meadows to explore in Farnborough. Quick tip here... when you are in the visitors center and the man behind the counter gives you advice about where to cut short your walkabout... LISTEN TO HIM!!!! Don't, like I did, ignore him and spend a few hours wondering when the forestry hell will end.

It ended for me on a golf course. A quick check of the folded map and I plotted a quick route back to the car park... However there are lots of photo opportunities there so I would recommend it to any one who likes trees.. and flowers.


High Elms - 06